A Funny Business

by maxmosher

	 Let's not fumble for excuses, not
	 here and now with my hair down. At
	 best, let's say I've been
	 oversensitive to... well, to the
	 fact that she's so young - so
	 feminine and helpless. To so many
	 things I want to be for Bill...
	 funny business, a woman's career.
	 The things you drop on your way up
	 the ladder, so you can move faster.
	 You forget you'll need them again
	 when you go back to being a woman.
	 That's one career all females have
	 in common - whether we like it or
	 not - being a woman.
	 Sooner or later we've all got to
	 work at it, no matter what other
	 careers we've had or wanted... and,
	 in the last analysis, nothing is
	 any good unless you can look up
	 just before dinner or turn around
	 in bed - and there he is. Without
	 that, you're not woman. You're
	 something with a French provincial
	 office or a book full of clippings -
	 but you're not a woman...
	 ... slow curtain. The end. 

'All About Eve' (1950)
Script by Joseph Mankiewicz