Blue Birds, Smiling at Me

by maxmosher

I held out against Twitter for a long time. A long time. Frankly, like skinny jeans, I was waiting for the trend to kill itself. I hated how TV news quoted tweets as though they were legitimate sources. I resented it as a platform for the insane ramblings of Charlie Sheen and Sarah Palin. And, most of all, for a verbose writer such as myself, being limited to 140 characters felt as constricting as shackles.

But I wanted to increase my blog readership beyond my friends and my Dad, and the little blue bird seemed to be the way to do it. So far, it’s been working, with my followers list growing gradually but steadily. They might be adding me for my witty insights into American politics and Britney Spears songs. Just as likely, they’re laughing at me as I learn to use hash tags and embarrass myself as I realize that even established writers check their @mentions, so don’t compare them to Carrie Bradshaw or profess your lustful love.

I’m going to give my 100th follower a lap dance or a car or a sincerely written thank-you message. What would Oprah do? Follow me today!