by maxmosher


I awoke this morning watching the gentle wisps of November snow out my window. A change in the weather, a click you can feel in the air, is much more important in determining the change of season than when stores put up Christmas lights or Tim Horton’s begins running those cloying tear-jerking ads.

I guess its winter.

Autumn went by in a blur.

My life had been on a seemingly-endless upward trajectory since coming home from Ireland, getting the WORN internship and meeting the Gentleman. Inevitably, you can only go up for so long, and in a period of a week everything seemed to crash; I didn’t get the writing position I had applied for, was broken up with in an email and quit my cafe job.  

I quit in order to spend time with my family up at the cottage but in hindsight, maybe that wasn’t the best idea as I didn’t find a new job for a month and a half (and, correspondingly, am now behind where I should be for India saving). But the break provided some breathing room and a fresh start in September.

Then, as they do, things happened very quickly.

I took on editing the WORN newsletter (you can sign up here), arranging a ‘Welcome to WORN’ zine for new interns, along with two blog posts and three book reviews. It got a little out of hand, especially when I found two new jobs. My weeks became perpetually booked up and it hasn’t slowed down since.

Looking back at my blog posts from this fall, a lot of the subjects are melancholy: the wrong person was elected Mayor of Toronto; the party of my favourite president got a “shellacking” in the US midterms; and a wonderful friend of mine passed away.

But there have been good times as well; I went to my very first fashion show (pictured above, with my famous editor Serah-Marie); I braved descending into the world of dating once again; and, surprisingly, especially to myself, I kept my promise to keep going out, dancing on Church street, attending art openings and embarrassing myself at pub trivia nights. This is may be why I have no money.

There was also the WORN Issue 11 launch party, which I went to dressed as the ‘Prom Queen’ complete with tiara and pink sash (pictures coming soon).

And speaking of which,  one of the most exciting things to happen in the little while was my gay men and fashion pitch (which I wrote about in its early stages here) got the go-ahead as a feature for the next issue of WORN. Two thousand words, four pages, illustrations. As Serah-Marie said with a smile, “Pressure’s on, Max.”

All this busyness has meant I haven’t been posting as much I as did in the summer. “I noticed there’s been less stories on ‘Max’s Blog’!” my co-Wornette Hillary complained at the WORN formal, referring to it with its formal name rather than “your blog”. I think, as a result, I have lost some of my regular readers.

But you keep going, for yourself and for others. I was recently told by someone that my writing had noticeably improved since I started, and another person (a friend who lives in Ottawa) went out of her way to tell me she followed the blog religiously.

On my to-do list when I get back from India is getting a ‘grown-up’ job (defined as one which pays marginally better than minimum wage, preferably full-time and where, on occasion, I actually get to sit down), continue doing as much as I can handle for WORN and pursuing freelance writing, in print and online.

Those are all my life plans as they currently stand. It’s kind of scary but kind of exciting.

It’s a new season.