Queer in Toronto

by maxmosher

I am very lucky to have made some pretty fantastic, talented, inspiring friends over the years. Case in point: I am going to two art openings of close friends in two days. The first was last night at the Gladstone Hotel, the ‘Queer in Toronto’ project. It started with my friend Taryn Pimento, whom I went to elementary school with, and her partner Margo Foster realizing that there wasn’t much space for queer women in Toronto, both rhetorically and physically. They sought to correct this by creating a series of photographs of queer women and female-identified persons which show queer Toronto in all its glorious diversity.

While the photographs are beautiful, the warmth of the two artists is reflected in their loving treatment of their subjects, what stood out for me were the cards featuring questions and scribbled answers next to each work. Asked about how they identify and their thoughts on the queer female scene in the city, the women penned answers which are sometimes funny, sometimes political, occasionally scratching out part and rewriting them. By not editing or retyping the subjects’ answers, Pimento and Foster allow the women’s voices to be heard alongside their faces.

The show is on the second floor of the Gladstone Hotel and is up until November 24th.