Consider yourself WORNed

by maxmosher

If you ever find yourself having to put up posters on telephone poles, parking ticket boxes and the clapboard walls of construction sites, you’re going to want to make some wheat paste. Here’s what you do: mix flour with a bit of cold water, making a watery paste. Then add that to a pot of boiling water and whisk rapidly. Very quickly, the mixture becomes white and translucent and thick, resembling glue. You can add some sugar to thicken it. Boil it for a couple minutes, then let cool. It ends up being an amazing adhesive, which you don’t even need to cover, but stays mushy and spreads easily with a brush. My first homemade wheat paste turned out surprisingly well. I half-expected to end up with oatmeal.

I only learned this skill because the lovely Marsya and I were entrusted with putting up posters for WORN’s Issue 11 launch party, ‘Time After Time’. Themed ‘Prom through the Ages’, guests are encouraged to dress as their favourite decade while music from the 1950’s to the 1990’s plays until the wee hours. Included in the entrance fee is a copy of Issue 11, which incidentally contains a witty article about historical eyeglasses by my co-wheatpaster Marsya and I. Everyone’s invited to the formal, which is on November 13th at the Dovercourt House, but if you can’t make it you can order an advance copy of the issue from the WORN website.