Riverdale Farm

by maxmosher

Once upon a time, Riverdale Farm was Riverdale Zoo and exotic creatures were cooped up in cages in the little park directly downtown. (Cabbage Town, which surrounds the Farm, also used to be a ghetto and not filled with upperwardly mobile gay couples and their dogs.) After the animals were transfered to the new, more spacious zoo in Scarborough in the 1970’s, a farm was created around a rebuilt 19th century barn. Nowadays a donkey, a turkey and some relaxing pigs are as exotic as it gets at Riverdale (which, on second thought, is pretty exotic for some urban kids).

Dervla and I, after purchasing our tickets to India, headed down to the farm on a beautiful sunny day. We promptly got lost in Cabbagetown, which doesn’t bode well for navigating the streets of New Delhi.