Sunday Reflections: Google Search and Ye Shall Find

by maxmosher

Another charming little function of wordpress blog stats, along with the stress of seeing your viewership rise and fall on a line graph resembling the sporadic mountain peaks of Switzerland, informs you what search terms led people to your site. I don’t know about you, but I never really thought of google searches as something which was recorded and read by people you don’t know, and I would definitely not want some of my searches posted on the front page of The Globe and Mail, but there you go. Some of the searches were useful, others mistakes, and still others just plain random. I considered writing a whole little analysis of them, but then decided it was funnier if I just posted the top searches as they appear to me, without comment. It’s an interesting insight into the internet’s underbelly Id.  Here’s an abridged list:

emily dix actress 5 4
taylor lautner photoshop 3
taylor gang shirts 3
taylor lautner blue shirt 3
if the sok fitz 3
elijah harper 2010 2
poster* gay -rent -room -ok-to-contact 2
lady gaga camel toe 2
how i met your mother shirts 2 2
japanese sleeping schoolgirl 1
christie blatchford g17 1
what did elijah harper did to make a dif 1
emily dix wedding 1
busty submissive schoolgirls 1
jessica bartram 1
elijah harper history 1
sandra goldenberg 1
blatchford g20 ban 1
meet me in st.louis.. gay suggestive? 1
i think all theories are suspect guides 1
“jacob kaufman” veggie 1
elijah harper movie 1
that’s so gay gladstone hotel 1
lady gaga before she was famous 1
flight of the conchords 1
dervla pinto 1
stand sandra goldemberg 1
“bp succeeded in capping” 1
penis of taylor lautner 1
buster bluth sings mama 1
maxmosher.wordpress 1
photoshop taylor lautner 1
duplicable me film 1
photoshop do taylor lautner 1
taylor launter fancy 1
taylor laughter penis 1
taylor lautner penis 1
sandragoldenberg 1
“japanese girls” “white guys” muse 1
hello sex 1
taylor lautner with white shirt 1
taylor laughtner professional photos 1
mcdougall born to run 1
what did daniel levy where on the hills 1
duplicable me 2010 movie 1
penis that is to small for sex 1