Toronto Island

by maxmosher

To get my mind off things, Dervla took me to Toronto Island. We did it all up old school: she packed us a lunch, we bought rocket-ship popsicles (although the bottom layer was grape, rather than the traditional ‘blue’ flavour, which was bullshit) and we even went on the log ride. We paid six tickets each (which came out to about eleven dollars) but it was well worth it to be the only log without any children in it.

“This is so embarrassing!” laughed Dervla.

“Yeah, but it’s like a log falling in the forest: if no one’s around to witness, you’re not being uncool!”

Giddy after we got off, we wandered Centreville and Dervla whispered, “Thanks for the log ride, Max!” which sent us into uncontrollable giggles.