Sunday Reflections: A Thousand Words

by maxmosher

“Can I give you a little bit of constructive criticism about your blog?” my co-worker Padraigin (the fantastically-Irish version of ‘Patricia’, ‘Padg’ for short) asked me during a break.

I said yes, not without a bit of trepidation.

“While I completely understand your reasons for not wanting too many pictures, I feel like the internet is a visually medium, and people really like pictures, and you could hook in even more people with them. A lot of your posts could have really good ones, and it doesn’t need to look messy and cluttered. You could make them all the same size, or something. This is all I’m sayin’.”

So this is why I’ve been illustrating my posts for the last week. It just so happened that this week was (hopefully) the worst week of my summer, and rather than fun posts on Lady Gaga and Ken Finkleman, I wrote about job disappointments and break-ups. (And thanks for all the supportive emails and calls, my loyal readers.) I especially liked how my own photographs look on the site. I’m still nervous that it will be distracting if I have big pictures of people, like Barack Obama and Lauren Conrad, who we can all visualize anyways.

But one of the pleasant surprises was been how this blog has become a communal affair, with people showing their investment by giving me feedback, suggestions and story ideas. At work and with friends, it has been the catalyst for discussions, and I often assume I don’t need to catch people up on the recent goings on in my life because they’ve already read about them.

So, in keeping with the spirit of this, the People’s Blog, how do we feel about pictures?