Other People: Siobhan Murphy

by maxmosher

Siobhan Murphy made my shifts at the Starbucks in Dundrum Town Centre (a posh mall in Dublin) much more enjoyable. With her sexy, deep voice, sarcastic sass and habit of whispering ‘suck my balls!’ she brightened up my days. From her, I learned some Irish pronunciation (like her first name, which sounds like ‘shev-von’) and in turn, I introduced her to gay culture, through ‘The Birdcage’.

MM: What are you studying in school?

SM: Politics and Art History

MM: What would you like to be doing in ten years?

SM: To be self-sufficient, not to have to worry about money. Not that I want to have a lot just not lose sleep over it.

MM: Describe your absolute worse day at Starbucks.

SM: I remember I had a horrific cold one day and they couldn’t get a replacement so came in any way. I could only do the washing up because I looked so sick and my nose was red and runny and completely gross. Washing up is hot work since Dundrum is so busy and it was just torture trying to keep up with the mountain of dishes but in fairness the boss man was pretty nice to me and the other staff were good too. Just the customers and their annoying ways that made me bitter and twisted.

MM: What book should everyone read?

SM: If This Is A Man by Primo Levi.

MM: What are people’s biggest misconception about the Irish?

SM: We drink too much.

MM: Are there any funny cultural differences between you and your Scottish boyfriend?

SM: Accents and words. Like “Yes” is “Aye”. When you’re in a supermarket and the lady at the checkout in Dublin says, “That’s 26euro love”. In Scotland she says, “That’s 26pounds hen”.Other than that nothing major. The Scots are pretty similar to the Irish with the weather, drinking habits, distaste for English glory: in the words of Tommy Tiernan [Irish comedian], “We like to see them beaten in things like football and war.”

MM: Where would you like to travel next?

SM: Korea, Hong Kong, somewhere that side of the world.

MM: What comes to your mind when you hear ‘Canada’?

SM: Max! Toronto, Quebec, people who speak French with a Canadian accent, red and white, famous actors who you think are American but on further study turn out to be Canadian.

MM: List your top five favourite swears.

SM: Nice girls don’t swear but if i had to pick one, we all know what it would be.