Sunday Reflections

by maxmosher

“I don’t know if you should call it that. It sounds like church.”—my Dad

This is a good, quiet, rainy morning to take a moment’s pause. It’s been almost a week, but it feels much longer. To keep you loyal readers coming back, I’ve been trying to post something every day. It can get pretty exhausting, especially when you aim to post an article of a higher calibre than the average blog-whining: something with a snappy lead and last sentence, a focused argument and witty observational details. Plus, despite my Grammar Nazis rant, I want to keep errors to a minimum (would like to seem professional, don’t cha know).

I am not a new-comer to the blogosphere. I had my first livejournal account the summer after first year. All I can remember writing about was the election campaign I volunteered with and the treatment of John Kerry in the media. Then I had another one a few years later, after my epic break-up, which unfortunately featured the odd histrionic take-down of my ex-boyfriend. I have learned a lot since then. I had a blogspot two years ago, on which I wrote about Obama, my adventures at UofT and some cultural-criticism I’m still proud of. I moved to Ireland and started ‘Canadian Boy in Dublin’ and wrote about my landlord, gay bars, homesickness and other places I travelled. I wanted this wordpress to last longer, which is why the html is my name, something that still scares me. But if you’re going to put ideas out there you should have the courage of your convictions and take responsibility for them.

Here’s the other thing about wordpress that only the initiated would know: they have this neat little thing called ‘blog stats’ which allows you to see how many times your site was viewed, where the viewer was referred from and what links they clicked on your page. So dangerous. Having never had this option before, I have become a poll-obsessed. How can you not get obsessed with a line-graph, especially when it resembles a spiky Lawren Harris iceberg, as it did after I received 60 visits on Tuesday. I was all excited, jumping around, thinking that if I could average about that each day I was on my way to Arianna-status. Then Wednesday I had 40 visits. By Thursday, it was down to 32.

“I’ve lost them all!” I wailed to my parents, who have already become accustomed to me entering a room and reporting a two-digit number with no explanation.

It was beautiful on Friday and I decided to walk to work. I thought the walk may give me an idea of how to shake things up, and it did. Halfway there the interviews I had been reading on the WORN blog along with one of a friend in the Toronto Star mixed with my desire to involve more people in my blog and I said to myself, ‘I could do interviews! It’s not difficult, especially when you know cool people!’ Months ago, reflecting on how blogs have a tendency to be self-centred and navel-gazing, I had the idea of dedicating one to ‘Other People’ (other than myself) and that’s where the title came from. The Emily post (haha, Emily Post) replaced the former zenith of 60 views and by the end of yesterday had become my most-visited page.

Although I’m going to keep the number to myself, as I don’t want to brag.